Welcome to BootlegGreg Cocktail Co.


Specializing in delicious, ingredient driven cocktails for the conscientious consumer looking to merge health and spirits.

At BootlegGreg Cocktail we believe a healthy lifestyle can include enjoying the occasional cocktail. The key is to harness the nutrition of mother nature, and make wicked drinks.


For the past 15 years, we have been on a quest to put the artistry and flavor back into cocktails, while elevating beverages to a new standard of all-natural, healthy and organic ingredients. In doing so, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge that helps us expertly fuse unique herbs, fruits, spices and spirits to create stunning flavor combinations.

The result?...  perfection.

When it comes right down to it, you have never tasted drinks like these before.




Every Cocktail Is a Story… And BootlegGreg Cocktail Co. has mastered the art of telling it. We understand the importance of transforming your vision into a flawless beverage experience for you and your guest, and pride ourselves on our diligent work to always go above and beyond. Each event is unique whether it be a wedding, a corporate event, a product launch or gala, we will design tailor-made specialty cocktails to tell your story. BootlegGreg Cocktail will make for a most memorable event.








Define your vision, and partner with us to make it a reality.

When you partner with BootlegGreg Cocktail, we will guide you through every step of creating and implementing your beverage program to ensure high quality and consistency. We understand that strong beverage programs are built on a foundation of great care and respect for ingredients.



Nature and Spirits are at the center of everything we do at BootlegGreg Cocktail.

Those (2) fundamentals guide and inspire us to incorporate the highest quality ingredients that yield the best possible flavors. We translate that concept at your establishment and we provide all the knowledge and support you need to ensure quality and build a reputation as a destination for cocktail connoisseurs.  


Our team will create a beverage program that showcases our approach to great cocktails, while also sharing techniques that can be easily executed by your staff without sacrificing efficiency. Experience targeted staff training sessions that feature results driven instruction to effectively prepare your team to withstand high pace service, without compromising the quality of their craft.  

We will demonstrate how quality cocktails, made with fresh ingredients, can actually reduce costs and increase revenue. You can make healthier, better tasting cocktails that speak to today’s conscientious consumer without chipping away at your profits.


Beverage Program Consulting

Beverage Menu Creation

Specialty Cocktail Design

Fresh Twist on Classics

Bar & Under-bar Design, Review, and Optimization

On-site Staff Training

Training Materials

Liquor Assessment & Selection

Spirits Curation

Vendor Negotiation

Professional Cocktail Photography & Styling

Press, Promotion & Buzz Generation

Media Appearances

Beverage Costing and Tracking

Glassware Procurement